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Crisis Management Certification Course

This 3-day Certification Training Course is intended for organizations looking to have up to 12 staff members trained in Crisis Management Techniques. The Yearly Recertification Training Course is 2 days long. Training is provided at the organization's choice of location, preferably an open space area. Participants will have a complete understanding of the theory and practical application of the Professional Crisis Management (PCM) system.

Non-Physical & Physical Interactions

Participants will gain an in-depth knowledge of crisis prevention and de-escalation strategies, crisis intervention using physical and non-physical interactions.


Post Crisis Interventions

Participants will learn post-crisis interventions and reintegration strategies to be used when providing services to children, adolescents, and adults across a variety of settings. 


DDD Compliant

This Crisis Management training course provided by our certified instructors includes non-physical and physical interactions  compliant with the requirements from the NJ Division of Developmental Disabilities.  


Robust Curriculum

Curriculum contains robust content which includes:

  1. Identifying early signs and triggers of pending crisis behavior

  2. Methods to prevent and de-escalate crisis behavior

  3. Non-contact techniques to defensively avoid injury from aggression

  4. A hierarchy of personal control techniques (PCT) sufficient for the population served

  5. Training to recognize signs and symptoms of physical distress or injury

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For enrollment information please contact or call us at 908-249-0061

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